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$30Hansen/4th of July. 4th of July Tribute. Approx. 425 words.
Today he heard the song that says, “His truth is marching on.”
He remarked something about patriotism, and tried to sing along.
$30Gendusa: The Land Below the Red, White, and Blue. Approx. 700 words.
We forgot we were Democrats or Republicans with differences, and instead collectively shouted, "This is OUR country, OUR flag, and we will defend it!" We ran outside to raise the red, white, and blue above our porches and in our yards because we who mourned were all Americans.
$30Murphy: Heat, Fireworks, and Picnics All Led to a Bang-up 4th of July. Approx. 850 words.
Along with fireworks, there was the obligatory 4th of July picnic that one had to attend as a kid, the one where Uncle Marv thought it was a barrel of laughs to throw lit firecrackers at the children and dogs creating a cacophony of screaming kids and howling mutts.
$30Joseph: Dad, July 4th, and Bucket Baseball. Approx. 725 words. Photo.
Because of his experiences with the carnival and the Great Depression, he had a gift for creating low-cost entertainment for family gatherings, and because of his participation in World War II, he had a great love for his country and went all out to honor it on its birthday.
$30Stone: Do Only Birds Fly? Approx. 1075 words.
Propeller blades rotated quickly and the airplane lifted from the ground and climbed higher. I wasn't aware that this was the first airplane for commercial use since World War II ended, and that the cabin was not pressurized.
$30White-Walker: When Things Go Bang in the Night! Approx. 625 words.
Do you remember how maybe you were so petrified the first time you heard “deaf”-defying explosions and you buried your little face into your parents’ thighs – too traumatized to even move?
$30Haynes/summer: Float Away with Ice Cream, Then Make S’mores. Approx. 700 words.
The ice cream float made its first appearance in 1874. Robert M. Green was selling sodas during the sesquicentennial celebration in Philadelphia when he ran out of ice for the drinks. In haste, he asked another vendor for scoops of ice cream to keep the drinks cold.
$30Biechler: The Art of Picking Berries. Approx. 625 words. Photo.
Now my chocolate lab, Jessie, picks like a pro. She delicately places her lips around each one, avoiding the prickers. If the fruit resists her tug or the branch has too much bounce, she plants a paw on the vine, to hold it still.

$45Schlein/Washington Watch: I’m on Social Security – Why Can Debt Collectors Garnish My Benefits for Student Loans? Approx. 1675 words.
But the worst part is that many seniors are now having their Social Security benefits
garnished to pay off these student debts. Student debt experts say that these seniors are the fastest growing segment of student loan borrowers.
$30Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.

$30Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: Surprise, Surprise – Eggs Reduce Risk of Stroke. Approx. 525 words.
Neither egg consumption, nor cholesterol intake was associated with stroke incidence. The gene that influences cholesterol metabolism (ApoE4) was accounted for. The lack of an association between eggs and stroke is great news for egg lovers!
$30Fowler/Eat Right Now; A Macro-Mineral with a Mighty Punch. Approx. 1200 words.
Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed malignant tumor in men. There are no apparent symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Because your prostate becomes larger as you age does not mean you have cancer.
$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: The Affirmative Side of the Vaccination Debate for Seniors. Approx. 725 words.
The first polio vaccine was the inactivated polio vaccine. It was developed by Jonas Salk and came into use in 1955. The oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came into commercial use in 1961.
$30Vidro/Frazzled Consumer: Portion Sizes Expand; Waistlines Too. Approx. 875 words.
“Look,” I explained. “I’m not trying to chisel the store. I’m willing to pay the posted price for a small. I’m only asking that you give me one scoop instead of two.”
He shook his head. “I’ve never done that before. Don’t want to get into trouble ...”

$35 Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: How You Can Help Against Elder Financial Fraud and Abuse. Approx. 800 words.
Home repair con artists, predatory lenders, and lottery and sweepstakes scammers are more likely to prey on older or vulnerable adults. Also, grandparent and charity scams, expensive annuities, identity theft, and threatening telemarketers. Medicare scams are high on the list of elder fraud.
$30David/Legal Ease: These Are The Essential Legal Documents You Should Have.  Approx. 600 words.
Both of these durable power of attorneys are critically important. Should you become legally incapacitated without having them in place, there would be no one with legal authority to act on your behalf.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Tried and True Money Adages to Learn Much From. Approx. 875 words.
I am certain that anyone of a certain age understands deeply that money can’t buy happiness. Not only is this true intuitively, but research shows that a sense of meaning, purpose, and perceived control, as well as optimism and positive social relationships, are better predictors of happiness.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Killing iTunes, Dying PCs, and Missing Email. Approx. 850 words.
In the entire history of technology, no product has grown faster or gone farther than the smartphone. It has replaced entire categories of tech gear. Consider the old Radio Shack catalog: nearly every product in there is a job now performed by a smartphone.
$30Breslin/Alive and Still Kidding: Why Imax and I Just Don’t Mix. Approx. 550 words.
The problem was, I really wanted to see what happened...So I convinced myself it was just a case of “mind over matter” and continued to watch. By the time the movie ended, I honestly couldn’t even stand up. The walls were spinning, my legs felt like limp pasta and my head was pounding.
$35Telleen-Lawton: Laptops – Indispensable or Irritating? Approx. 975 words. Photo.
I get very frustrated navigating technical support, whether online or by phone. You wait for hours enduring pseudo-pleasant music and then are asked all sorts of questions that are unanswerable by non-techies.

$30Block: City Parks: For Much More than Picnics. Approx. 925 words. Photos.
If this introduction to unexpected attractions at urban parks surprises you, read on. An A (animals) to Z (zoos) choice awaits folks in search of something at city parks other than a place to relax and have a picnic.
$30Bardy: Half the  Fun Is Getting There. Approx. 750 words.
Ten minutes later I’m in the ladies room when I hear the following on the loudspeaker, “Will Laverne Bardy please return to the check-in counter for your credit card, on which you can expect to find several new charges for the Home Shopping Network.”
$30Haynes: Plan Now for a Disney Christmas. Approx. 925 words.
Once you have decided on which theme park to visit, check out the restaurants there and make reservations 5-6 months in advance before you arrive. For example, if you are going for Christmas day, make dinner reservations in July or August of that year.

$30Beeson: Making the Best out of the Bad Years. Approx. 1000 words.
Secondhand smoke was not a thing when I was a child. At worst, smoking was considered to only be harmful for the person smoking. And having a pull at your dad’s brewski was simply something that – everyone seemed to do. No one thought about negative long-term health impacts.
$30Strack: Cheers for the Twilight Boys. Approx. 825 words.
Sometimes the mind wills the body back to a time of a perfect sandlot swing and recreates the magic of that moment when despite the number of birthdays of the batter or the bulge above his waistline, the baseball boy inside the gray- haired man rises to the occasion to deliver the big hit.
$30Duffy: Grow Old along with Me; The Best Is Yet to Be. Approx. 575 words.
I’m one of those guys who was never cute when I was young. Girls would cross the street to escape my attentions. Little girls would scream in fright when I tried to play peekaboo with them. Young mothers glowered at me.
$30Wolfsie: Stand Up Guy. Approx. 550 words.
We both got down on the rug in a sitting position, which for me was already way harder than I remembered. We squirmed, rolled around on the floor, grunted, banged into each other, and started laughing (which is good for your heart, so we accomplished something).

$30Lynch: Bogie on the Big Screen - Key Largo. Approx. 750 words. Photos.
In the final scenes where Bogart is taking the gangsters to Cuba on the fishing vessel, the fog seems to envelop us as well. We are not watching the boat; we are on the boat.
* * * * *
This is another example of why a classic film will have much more meaning for us if we take the trouble to understand the context of what was going on in the real world at the time the film was made.
$30Lawrenzi: Hard Times in Appalachia. Approx. 1000 words.
I was trying to figure out how to solve my dilemma, when somebody walked up to me. I recognized him instantly. It was Strother Martin, an excellent character actor who had played the warden in Cool Hand Luke, a prison film that starred Newman as a convict.

$30Healy: Getting in Touch with My Inner Possum. Approx. 850 words. Photo.
Eventually, I found I had assembled a rather interesting collection of opossum truth. To begin with, our appearance is just our personal history made visible ... and sometimes it gets scorched and wrinkled and worn bare along the way, as it trails along behind us.
$30Dee/Rock ‘n’ Roll: Paul Anka – Canada’s ‘Lonely Boy.’ Approx. 750 words. Photo.
Another of Anka’s biggest hits, “Put Your Head on my Shoulder,” had been penned he said after he, while singing onstage, had watched with envy, all of the young couples slow-dancing to his music. The song, even to this day, still is considered to be one of the all-time romantic favorites at dances.
$30Mattimore: How Using the ‘F’ Word Changed My Life. Approx. 500 words.     
I don’t normally swear. I’ve never used bad language in front of the kids but at this moment I was to break all of the rules. The “F” word erupts from my mouth. Omigosh! I didn’t say that did I? No, not in front of a little kid.
$30Levine: Cursed by Cursive. Approx. 900 words.
Heading into college I felt that I had been able to limit the academic damage of my bad cursive handwriting. Thus, I left I my Olivetti portable typewriter behind when leaving for school. Plus, my typing speed, if you include words counted off for mistakes, was about 0 per minute.
$30Witham: Workout Blues. Approx. 700 words.
Navigating the gym can be a bit of a workout all by itself. My gym has a giant speaker that hangs over many of the machines, which, yes, before you ask, I do start up. Some days they play nondescript music at a reasonable level and I can still read my book. Other days they play music at a level that makes dogs howl three blocks away.

Tel: 303-355-3882; E-mail:
Complete stories may be read at
Order stories for publication via email at

[Pricing: Amount shown is one unit. Pubs under 50,000 run pay one unit; over 50,000 run, 2 units. 10% volume discount for usage over $300 per edition -- print, digital or both.]

$30 Beeson/Sam’s Side: The Son Meets The Fly. Approx. 800 words.
My son’s skepticism in my movie choices is not unfounded. On more than one occasion I have guilted him into watching some TV show or movie that was special to me when I was a kid. And far more often than not, we both went away from the movie disillusioned.
$30McCune/Tunnel Visions: My Neighborhood Is Obsessed with Pumpkins, And the Great Pumpkin’s Delighted. Approx. 500 words.
Squirrels treat outdoor decorative pumpkins as their personal grocery store. In my old neighborhood, which seemed to have ten squirrels for every resident, a pumpkin was fortunate if it survived overnight on the porch without a gnaw.

$45Schlein/Washington Watch: Drug Pricing Update – Nothing Moving For Now. Approx. 1875 words.
Over the past year, the administration’s tone has shifted as Republican state leaders have joined Democrats in talking about importing drugs from Canada, since none of the other potential solutions seem to be moving forward quickly enough.
* * * * *
A 2018 study found that if 20% of U.S. prescriptions were filled in Canada, Canada would see its drug supply depleted in roughly 200 days.
* * * * *
Insulin prices have spiked 300 percent in the U.S. over the past few years and has become a symbol of the striking price differences between the U.S. and Canada, where prices are about 10 times less. But the Trump proposal to open up imports from Canada would specifically not apply to insulin, according to HHS Sec. Azar.
$30Stinger: Washington Watch cartoons.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Will Your Banker Save You in the Next Crash? Approx. 850 words.
Banking regulations are arcane and boring to all but those in the field. Consumer watchdog groups were rare or non-existent until Ralph Nader’s 1965 Unsafe at any Speed exposed auto manufacturers’ dismal safety records. Any financial sector watchdogs were no match for the relentless self-interest of the financial sector.

$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Is Buffett’s 90-10 Advice Right for You? Approx. 850 words.
His recommendation to allocate 90 percent to stocks is presumably based on the situation his wife will be in if he predeceases her. She may have no interest in watching the market and little or no need for current income for her foreseeable future. If this is your situation, then by all means invest the Buffett way!
$30David/Legal Ease: Keeping the Business All in the Family – At Least Equally Financially Approx. 725 words.
For instance, you can require that the two children who receive the business pay your other two children whatever amount is necessary to offset the difference in value they are receiving from your estate.

$30Fowler/Eat Right Now: When Mighty Apples Drop from Trees. Approx. 750 words.
A member of the rose family, apple’s phytochemicals can reduce plaque buildup in the arteries and the cancer-causing effects of carcinogens. Phytochemicals in apple skin inhibit the reproduction of colon cancer cells by 43%.Their proanthocyanin content helps prevent heart disease and diabetes. 
$30Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: 3 Tips to Survive on Hydrocodone and Other Opioids. Approx. 525 words.
Opioids are man-made drugs intended to look similar to the naturally-produced opiates made in your body. The opioid drug binds to the receptor on a cell’s outer membrane, and unlocks a variety of  feel-good, numbing compounds which relax your body, increase pleasurable feelings and suppress pain signals. 
$30Hansen: The Little Robots Patients Love. Approx. 675 words.
Sundowner's syndrome –  where the patient changes personality in the night time – could be better controlled. I once had a lady with this ailment throw an empty bedpan at me in the middle of the night. Her delirium might have been restrained if she had a little purring pet to comfort her.
$30Cohen: Dear Pharmacist: Another MRI with Dye? Oh My. Approx. 500 words.
Gadolinium is in the news because the popular dye appears to be retained in the brain, raising safety concerns, especially for people who have multiple MRIs per year.
$30Fowler/Eat Right Now: Earth Warms-zombie Microbes Awaken: Time to Nurture the Immune System. Approx. 825 words.
Eating or drinking 8 tbsp. of sugar, the equivalent of about two cans of soda, can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40%.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Internet Speed, Surfing Incognito, and USB-C Flaws. Approx. 800 words.
Private browsing will keep your secrets from casual observers who have access to your device, but beyond that assume everything else has been recorded in multiple places. It is not a pleasant thought, but that is reality in 2019.
$30Vidro/Frazzled Consumer: When the Computers Are Down … Approx. 1100 words.
“If you do that we’ll call the police ...”
“Fine. Call them. Then I’ll call the newspapers and explain how a cash-carrying customer trying to buy a loaf of bread with exact change in U.S. currency was denied the purchase solely because the computer wasn’t ready and able to do its job.”

$30Block: Vibrant Vancouver, Canada  – ‘Best City in the Americas.’ Approx. 825 words. Photos.
Stanley Park is a Vancouver “must see.”  Sprawling over 1,000 acres, this popular urban retreat is a green oasis surrounded by the city’s urban landscape...My hour-long stroll passed through dense woods, skirted marshy ponds and led to fields where some of the 230 species of both resident and migrant birds greeted me with a symphony of song.
$30Witham/Ernie’s World: Brothels and Bears, Oh My! Approx. 750 words. Photos.
Lots of old buildings including a brothel that you could visit for 10 bucks. “Creek
Street, where both the salmon and the men came to spawn” it said on the sign.
I tried to remember the last time I spawned and whether it was just like riding
a bicycle.
$30Lawrenzi: When Virginia City Roared Approx. 850 words.
Once known as the wealthiest city in America – its economy helped finance the federal government during the Civil War – Virginia City is a colorful place that will leave a visitor with memories long after they leave the place.

$30Laundrie: Regrets of the Dying. Approx. 600 words.
An elderly woman, barely able to whisper, once made Bronnie make her a promise. "Live true to your own heart. Don't ever worry what others think." Truth be told, people aren't thinking about you as much as you think they are anyway. They have their own stuff going on.
$30White-Walker: Not For Anything, Mother, But…. Approx. 650 words.
The only thing that still excites me with the same intensity is seeing my adult children. The only thing that deflates my ego is seeing my adult children because, and get this – I don’t generate the same excitement from them at seeing me — it’s unbelievable!
$30Levine: Breaking Away (From The Kiddie Lane). Approx. 800 words.
I maximize my aerobic intake by always pedaling in the highest gear, so after 8 laps (6.85 miles) I have completed a good workout in an economical 40 minutes. A real bike tour on the open road would burn a lot fewer calories and take more time, I reassure myself.
$30Murphy/Social Insecurity: Call of the Wild Is Turning into a Whisper. Approx. 825 words.
I learned a long time ago to be leery when I pull into a campsite which, at first glance, appears to be perfect...If you soon notice hovering outside the windshield a cloud of mosquitoes wearing tiny bibs and slobbering like Pavlov’s dog, you might want to reconsider that particular spot.
$30Joseph: Life-Lessons at the Senior Games. Approx. 450 words. Photos.
I watched the grit of competitors who had no chance of winning a medal, far behind the leaders, yet determined to finish the race, as well as athletes who had to overcome physical challenges competing with enthusiasm and success.
$30LeVia: Let Us Never Know What Old Age Is. Approx. 650 words.
A 2010 Gallup poll found happiness tends to be positively linked with age, and 85 year olds are more satisfied with life than 18 year olds.

$30Biechler: First Lady of My Heart. Approx. 700 words.
One of the densest fogs that we ever saw clogged the harbor. Nothing was visible except the faintest glimmer of light from Liberty’s torch. We were not the only travelers to be crestfallen. As I opened the door to go in from the cold, foggy morning, there before me stood former First Lady Barbara Bush and her bodyguard.
$30Merkl: First Job Lessons. Approx. 675 words.
It worked. After an initial quizzical stare, few cared that their football-shaped pizzas were hanging over the edge of the pan or had to be crammed into a takeout box. And if they did ask, Orv would give them a fist pump and shout, “Go Oilers!”
$30Lawrenzi: Chevy Days. Approx. 725 words.
I started up the car and backed it carefully out of the driveway. It was the first time I had ever driven the car and, damn, it felt good!
$30Dee/Rock ‘n’ Roll: Lesley Gore – ‘The Sweetie Pie from Tenafly.’ Approx. 625 words. Photo.
By the time she was 18, she already had four top-10 hits: "It's My Party," "Judy's Turn to Cry," "She's a Fool" and "You Don't Own Me."
$30Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: Movie Stars on Radio. Approx. 775 words. Photos.
Filling in for each other at the last minute was common in radio. Barbara Stanwyck famously jumped in for Jack’s radio girlfriend (and real-life wife) Mary Livingstone on “The Jack Benny Show.” All one needed was a script in hand, a good voice, and steady nerves.
$30Merkl: Golf Dreaming. Approx. 575 words.
I went into full parent freak-out mode and bought him a specially weighted, caution-tape yellow, training golf club I’d found on the web. When I proudly gave it to him Christmas morning, he looked at it like I’d just handed him a new algebra book.

$30Gendusa: The Healing Power of a Homemade Pie. Approx. 800 words.
What if we brought a homemade pie of kindness to the table of hate and calmed anger with a dose of warmed goodness? Then our grandchildren would learn just like I did from my grandmother – when we take the time to create love, we might just witness healing our hurts, one pie at a time.
$30Wolfsie: The Price Is Wrong. Approx. 525 words.
The other night, I jotted down every single detail that caught Mary Ellen’s eye, every item and home improvement on other people’s houses that she fancied as possibilities for our place. Then I did a quick online search for approximate costs. Your prices may vary.
$30Marze: Husbandly Foresight. Approx. 475 words. Photo.
When we moved back south to a less harsh environment it wasn’t my vehicle of choice. I could not get used to keeping the dually’s wide “hips” within the correct parameters of narrow lanes.
$30Breslin/Alive and Still Kidding: Old Wives Tales. Approx. 800 words.
False. The caffeine in coffee will help perk you up, but it won't reduce the amount of alcohol in your body. So, in essence, coffee will just make you a more wide-awake drunk.

       Tel: 303-355-3882; E-mail:
  Complete stories may be read at
Order stories for publication via email at

[Pricing: Amount shown is one unit. Pubs under 50,000 run pay one unit; over 50,000 run, 2 units. 10% volume discount for usage over $300 per edition -- print, digital or both.]

$40McCune: Grandparents Day (or whenever) special report: When and How We Grow Old: Public Opinion About the Aging Process. Approx. 1200 words.
In 2019, Baby Boomers/Silent Generation (loosely defined as pre-1945 and 1946-54) were far less likely to perceive people to be “old” by their 70s, while Millennials and Gen Xers (born 1955 to 1980) are significantly more inclined than their older counterparts to perceive people to be “old” by their 70s.
* * * * *
Well over a majority of Americans felt 80 is not too old to engage in spirited activities that involve risk-taking, including falling in love (88%), running a marathon (72%), starting a business (69%), getting a tattoo (68%), even riding a motorcycle (62%)!
$30Kennedy: Summer’s Lease Hath All Too Short a Date. Approx. 750 words.
I’m not sure when I lost interest in yard work. I guess I realized keeping the grass cut wasn’t nearly as important as writing. The chores would be there long after I was gone, but my stories wouldn’t.

$45Schlein/Washington Watch: Surprise! We Kept You Alive But Killed Your Finances. Approx. 1800 words, plus optional sidebar.
Studies show that two-thirds of Americans say they are "very worried" or "somewhat worried" that they or a family member will receive a surprise bill. These worries are so profound that they are the most-cited concern related to health care costs and other household expenses in dozens of surveys.
$30Stinger: Washington Watch cartoon.

$30Handler: Senior Living 101. Approx. 1250 words.
Continuing care: There is usually a substantial entrance fee plus a monthly charge. Requirements vary from state to state: financial ability to pay for a specific time frame is required to be accepted into such a facility as well as medical criteria. However, you can move seamlessly from a low level of care to the highest level without ever needing to leave.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: For-profit Nursing Care: Befriend or Beware? Approx. 950 words.
Moving from home to senior care can be a wrenching decision. Finding the right match for yourself or your loved one is the complicated follow-on. One important criterion that is often overlooked is a facility’s ownership. How do for-profit and not-for-profit senior care facilities compare?
$30Pribus: Smart Homes Becoming Popular and Convenient. Approx. 825 words.
Motion detectors will know you’ve come home and turn on the lights for you. Your smart home can see who’s ringing your doorbell, brew your morning coffee and perform any number of other tasks.
* * * * *
Right now, smart devices are sort of a Wild West of streaming data with a definite potential for abuse. It’s absolutely essential to have firewalls and other shielding technology protecting you.

$30David/Legal Ease: Those Persistent Nagging Questions: Probate, Trust, Kids’ Inheritance... Approx. 750 words.
You would also have total access to the trust assets and can move those assets in and out of trust at will. So if your concern about losing control was the main reason for you not wanting to create a trust, you may want to rethink this.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Medicare: 3 Truths and a Lie. Approx. 875 words.
If you find out later, however, that your company coverage was inferior to Medicare, you’ll pay higher Medicare rates (forever) than you would have had you begun at age 65. Small companies are allowed to drop you: another reason to understand your situation as you approach 65.
$30Vidro/Frazzled Consumer: A Money-saving Question. Approx. 725 words.
Many pharmacies are not permitted to alert you up front on those occasions when it would cost you less if you circumvented the insurance. They are under a type of “gag order” implemented by some of the pharmacy benefit managers that act as a sort of subcontractor for the health insurance providers. However, if you broach the subject, the pharmacy is required to answer your question.

$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Dementia Screening: Should I or Shouldn’t I? Approx. 750 words.
The particular neurologists my father visited were careless with his feelings. One swept in, a nurse at his side, and mumbled something like, “You may have Alzheimer’s,” then swept out, leaving my father in fear.
$30Cohen/Dear Pharmacist: Olive Oil Reduces Cancer and Risk of Stroke. Approx. 500 words.
New research from March 2019 confirms that eating olive oil just once a week will help lower platelet activation (meaning reduce risk of clots). In turn, this lowers risk of heart attack and stroke.
$30Fowler/Eat Right Now: Don’t Fall Apart: Bone Broth Collagen Is a Thing. Approx. 775 words.
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body – the tie that binds living human tissues together. This amino acid is found in our bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, blood vessels, digestive system, organs and skin. It’s the “glue” that helps hold the aging body together.
$35Slayback/A Healthy Age: Is Exercise is Worth the Sweat? Approx. 700 words.
In the exercise group, scans revealed brain volume increase rather than expected further brain shrinkage. The parietal lobe, frontal lobe and hippocampus increased in size, together with “key areas that connect these three.” The gains in brain weight affect “executive function,” that is ability to plan, initiate, multitask, and focus.
$30Lawrenzi: Basic Training Two.  Approx. 900 words.
All four of us were over 60. We were interested in physical fitness. Why not form an organization and teach basic training to civilians? "We could call it basic training two," I suggested. And that was how Basic Training Two got started.
$30Wolfsie: Fit to Be Tried. Approx. 550 words.
When I looked at my watch this morning, I had walked 1,267 steps while I was asleep. The cookie jar was empty and someone had mown the lawn in the middle of the night. Two Ambien before bed might be one more than I need.
$35Telleen-Lawton/Money Sense: Older? Time to Make Some Vaccination Choices. Approx. 850 words.
The flu shot costs $20 to $40 depending on where you go, or up to $65 or so for the super-charged senior version. If you are covered by Medicare, Part B covers this because it is part of Medicare’s original coverage.

$30DeLaurentis/Bob’s Tech Talk: Disk Recovery,  Lost Keys, and TV Tracking. Approx. 825 words.
The issue is not just smart TVs. Practically every video viewing experience includes some degree of personal tracking. Until such time as regulations catch up with the technology, it is best to assume any TV connected to the Internet is talking to someone about you.
$30Beeson/Sam’s Side: Trusting Tech. Approx. 1000 words.
My skepticism isn’t so much with the technology, it is with the people who put the information out there to be gathered.
$30Witham/Ernie’s World: Technological Advances? Approx. 725 words.
We have also been blessed with the self-checkout stand. "Please insert your card. Cannot read. Is there anyone with you that can help? A wife maybe? Scan any coupons now. Cannot read. Wife?

$30Block: Exhilarating Fall Foliage Experiences. Approx. 900 words. Photos.
If you think dog sledding takes places only when the ground is covered by snow, think again. The Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel operates rides from spring to winter, including when the New Hampshire countryside is at its most spectacular.

$30White-Walker: Two Loving Hearts, But a Table for One? Approx. 650 words.
On the fourth anniversary of his death, I’m getting all dolled up, making a reservation at one of the best restaurants in town, and while it’ll look like I’m dining alone, he’ll be very much with me in my thoughts and heart. Sometimes we stand taller when we’re forced to stand alone.
$30Goldfein: My Baby Needs Bifocals? That’s Not Right. Approx. 800 words.
But there is one other aspect of aging that I have yet to reconcile. It’s the realization that my own children, my babies, are now middle-aged, and in many respects, have caught up with me. What was I doing when their hair started to gray?

$30Bardy/Laverne’s View: Too Smart Too Late. Approx. 725 words.
“You are a woman,” he said, “and women are supposed to enjoy taking care of their families and their home.” I apologized for not fitting into his belief that all women came from the same cookie cutter.
$30Biechler: Six-Word Reflection on the Food I Ate in France. Approx. 800 words.
When I think about the food I’ve eaten in France, the first word that comes to my mind is “slowly.” Lentement in French. My six-word memoir on French food would be, “Slowly prepared, slowly served, slowly savored.”
$30Merkl: Big Day in a Small Part of Texas. Approx. 825 words.
Suddenly, a customer pouring herself some coffee shouted, “You built this town? I hate Merkel! It’s given me nothing but misery! I keep leaving and it keeps hauling me back!” Then she scowled and advanced toward me brandishing a cup of steaming coffee.
$30Reid: ‘Load Management.’ The NBA Term For Rest. Approx. 550 words.
In the real world, where I grew up, people worked for a living, and they worked hard. My dad may have taken a sick day from his job at Burlington Mills, but I don’t remember one. And I know he never took a day off for Load Management.

$35Slayback: Use Good Sense and Stay Safe. Approx. 650 words.
Thinking she should remember him, she let him walk through her house to her back door.  When he pressed her to follow him to the backyard, her suspicions returned and she kicked him out. She never heard his accomplice, but he had one. All her jewelry was gone.
* * * * *
Install a bolt lock INSIDE a closet where you can hide. Keep your car key in that closet so you can set off your car alarm. Noise is a great deterrent.
$30Lynch/Silver Screen, Golden Memories: The Bargain of the Century. Approx. 775 words.
ZaSu, whose on-the-surface expressions of worry, befuddlement, and wonder, as well as the warble in her voice and her repetitious “oh, dear!” will probably instantly remind you of Olive Oyl. There’s a reason for that. Mae Questel, the originator of Olive Oyl’s distinctive voice, was imitating ZaSu Pitts.
$30Strack: Turn the Page or Scroll the Screen? Approx. 875 words.
Books are officially in crisis today. Like the dinosaur, the printed page is becoming extinct, especially for the younger generations. School libraries are now technology centers. Students carry few textbooks with them. They pop open laptops in their classrooms for their information.
$30Duffy:  A Metric System for Rural America. Approx. 575 words.
I was driving along a muddy, rutted dirt road a few miles outside of town. I was slowly gaining on an old German shepherd making its way along the road’s edge. As I passed him, he looked at me. I looked at him. I thought “Good luck, old boy. I hope you make it home OK.” I don’t know what he thought of me. But I figured he probably would make it home OK as we were both drawing nigh an old fieldstone farmhouse. Neither of us made a big deal about the other’s presence. “Now, that’s rural,” I thought. I had my metric.
$30Dee/History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: Neil Sedaka – Hall of Fame Songwriter. Approx. 900 words. Photo.
Sedaka not only made a successful singing and songwriting career for himself, he also penned hit songs for many other singers over the years. There was “Stupid Cupid” and “Where the Boys Are” for Connie Francis; Gene Pitney’s hit, “It Hurts to Be in Love;” Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” and many more, including songs for ABBA, Jimmy Clanton, the Monkees, The Fifth Dimension, Dinah Washington and Frankie Valli.
$30Breslin/Still Alive and Kidding: Lessons Learned While Selling at Yard Sales. Approx. 1100 words.
Despite the interruptions, I managed to get everything set up just before the sale began. Within 15 minutes, the piles of clothes I’d so carefully laid out on the table looked as if a helicopter had just hovered over them. And the two perfectly symmetrical rows of salt and pepper shakers were knocked down faster than bowling pins at a tournament.